In Texas, a lung cancer survivor thanks Gene Therapy for her life

Bunny Morrow
Diagnosed 2002
Mary Crowley Oncology Center at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, TX
Lung Cancer

Update: We spoke to Bunny Morrow in 2014; she still lives in a suburb of Dallas. She is healthy and has had no treatment for years. Bunny volunteers for Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society and is active in her Senior Center. She tries to encourage others to participate in clinical trials. She enjoys her four grandchildren and Life!

Bunny Morrow of Texas, at 72 years of age, has found a new lease on life. Nearly four years after she discovered lung cancer so advanced it had wrapped around her vocal chords, she is alive and well and volunteers helping patients navigate their treatment at the Mary Crowley Oncology Center at Baylor University, where she successfully participated in a cancer gene therapy trial.

“I feel a real connection to them,” Morrow said recently. “And if anyone asks, I tell them that gene therapy is simply the best. Thank God I was able to be in that trial.”

There was no cancer in Morrow’s family history and although she had smoked at one time, she quit many years earlier. Given the spread of the cancer and positive lymph nodes, surgery was not the best option, although her upper left lobe was removed and she underwent early chemotherapy to shrink the tumor so she might meet the trial protocol. “My surgeon didn’t want me to fall through the cracks.”

“They took my cancer cells and irradiated them, and then injected them back into my body so my immune system would kick in,” Morrow said. “I had about 16 injections, and absolutely no side effects beyond a couple of allergic reactions that Benadryl took care of. No problem.”

Morrow has an annual PET scan but no other medical requirements. She bakes muffins for trial patients [her specialty is cranberry] and is the best possible example of what other trial participants might expect. “They have made so much progress, it’s amazing.”