Dr. Jack Roth’s Patient with Adenocarcinoma

Diagnosed with Lung Cancer in 2006
University of Miami, Miami, Florida

I am an almost five year survivor of Stage IV NSCLC, adenocarcinoma. I attribute this amazing achievement to the grace of God, aggressive treatment and a “no stone left unturned” attitude. This attitude led me years ago to ACGT and the pioneering work of people like Dr. Jack Roth.

Most recently it led me to Dr. Luis Raez and a Gp96 lung cancer vaccine trial at the University of Miami. For the 12 week duration of the trial, I watched as the disease in my lungs diminished as evidenced by CT, and as blood tumor markers decreased in response to the vaccine treatment. As a heavily treated patient, it was amazing to realize that the vaccine alone, not chemotherapy, was responsible for the improvement. The results were amazing yet, at the very same time, they were not surprising. Chemotherapeutic agents long ago hit their ceiling of effectiveness at controlling disease. In the case of lung cancer, their effectiveness was particularly limited. Effectiveness was further diminished by chemotherapies’ often intolerable side effects. Over the course of the past five years I have benefitted from multiple chemotherapies, and done so largely without negative side effects; nevertheless, I have spent enough time in treatment rooms to make the observation that the “time” gained by many fellow patients was often accompanied by disabling side effects.

My experience on the vaccine trial completely contrasted with what I observed in conventional cancer therapy treatment rooms. While on the vaccine I, along with every other patient enrolled in the trial, experienced no negative side effects whatsoever. Chemotherapies may have hit the proverbial ceiling but the ability of the human body to heal itself, with a little help, has only begun to be tapped.

Advances in biological and biochemical knowledge, the ability to map the molecular genetics of tumors and their driver mutations, along with the decoding of the entire human genome has made possible an entirely new realm of treatment possibilities for patients; treatments that are kinder, gentler and more effective for patients. Innovation that works in synch with the body’s own restorative and regenerative abilities presents a bright hope for the future of disease treatment.

May the future begin now!