Margaret C. Cianci

Executive Director of ACGT

Margaret C. Cianci is the Executive Director of the Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy (ACGT).  Ms. Cianci has held this title since the inception and incorporation of ACGT in 2001.  She is largely responsible for the evolution of this non-profit organization to its current form. Ms. Cianci oversees both a board of outside directors and a panel of leading scientific advisors in the field, as well as managing the staff and all functions of the organization.

Ms. Cianci’s previous career was primarily in the financial services industry.  She held various positions in financial services, credit, operations, marketing and private banking, for both The Chase Manhattan Bank and Bankers Trust in New York.  In addition she held a sales and marketing position for HBO.

Ms. Cianci has also served on various community and philanthropic boards in the Greenwich community, gaining extensive experience in the non-profit field.

Ms. Cianci holds an MPA in Policy and Publication Administration from New York University, an MBA in Marketing/Finance from Columbia University and a BA from Colgate University.