Ways to Support the Research

JOIN US in advancing cell and gene therapies for cancer

ACGT is the only philanthropy in the country dedicated exclusively to this remarkable science.

  • ACGT is the only philanthropy in the country dedicated to cell and gene therapies for cancer.
  • ACGT seeks investment funding from individuals, corporations and foundations who share our commitment to the promise of better cancer care through gene therapies.
  • We cannot offer you a naming opportunity, as we have no bricks and mortar, although we are happy to name a significant grant award in your honor.
  • You may choose the type of cancer and the type of research you wish to support.
  • Investor contributions are of course eligible for tax benefits.
  • We do scrupulous due diligence so the research study you support has the best possible prospect for success.
  • All projects are capitalized at high award levels to facilitate meaningful results.
  • More importantly, all donated funds go directly to research as separate funding is provided to cover administrative and fundraising expenses.

Invest in
better cancer

There are many ways you can raise funds for ACGT. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Host an intimate reception with an ACGT speaker in your home, your club or another location and invite your friends
  • Create your own personal CrowdRise fundraising page and raise funds online for ACGT as part of your participation in an event or race
  • Participate in the Greenwich-Stamford Swim Across America event in June. Register at www.swimacrossamerica.org/greenwich
  • Host a Jeans or another “dress down” theme day at the office and collect donations
  • Hold a bake sale at work or school
  • Shop Amazon and the Amazon Smile Foundation will donate to ACGT.

ACGT staff are here to help! For additional support and ideas, contact Barbara Gallagher, National Director of Philanthropy, at bgallagher@acgtfoundation.org or call her at 203.358.5055.


  • Efficient – 100% of funds raised go directly to medical research as separate funding covers administrative and fundraising expenses.
  • Collaborative – We work closely with medical research institutions to maximize results.
  • Rigorous – Research proposals must meet highly selective criteria for funding.
  • Targeted – Funding is offered for high-potential projects to optimize research results.
  • Selective – Donors are partners in the process with the option to invest in specific research projects or types of cancer.