August 29, 2014

Stand Up to Cancer

ACGT is again proud to join an impressive coalition of organizations supporting the national Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) televised fundraising campaign on Friday, September 5th.  Many of ACGT’s Scientific Advisory Council members and Research Fellows are on the research … Read More


August 4, 2014

“Breakthrough” Status for Immunotherapy Treatment

Novartis’ CTL019, the immunotherapy treatment that’s seeing tremendous results in achieving remission for leukemia patients, was awarded “breakthrough” status by the FDA, a rare laurel that’s speeding up its review. CTL019 was developed by U. Penn. researcher Dr. Carl June, … Read More

F Yang

July 1, 2014

ACGT Research Fellow Receives Award

ACGT 2013 Young Investigator Dr. Fan Yang, who is developing new treatments for pediatric brain cancer, is one of six researchers selected for a Faculty Scholar Program Award from the Child Health Research Institute at Stanford, where she is an … Read More

Lung Cancer

February 26, 2014

Dr. Jack Roth’s Patient with Adenocarcinoma

I am an almost five year survivor of Stage IV NSCLC, adenocarcinoma. I attribute this amazing achievement to the grace of God, aggressive treatment and a “no stone left unturned” attitude. This attitude led me years ago to ACGT and the pioneering work of people like Dr. Jack Roth. Read More

Emma Whitehead, Patient

February 26, 2014

A Ray of Hope

Back in 2004, ACGT provided initial funding for the pioneering gene therapy research of Dr. Carl June of the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute at the University of Pennsylvania. The research led to a therapy that uses the body’s own T-cells and turns them into weapons aimed directly at cancer. Read More


December 1, 2013

By the Numbers

ACGT is the nation’s only non-profit exclusively dedicated to gene and cell therapies for treating cancer.  To date, ACGT has provided over $24 million in grants to top oncologists and funded breakthrough clinical trials that save lives.  Learn more about ACGT … Read More

Dr. Sadelain

October 17, 2013

Future of Gene Therapy

Dr. Michel Sadelain, ACGT Research Fellow, talks about the future of gene therapies for cancer treatment. When/Where: Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy’s (ACGT) “Achieving Cancer Remission With Cell And Gene Therapies” held October 2013 at the Harvard Club in NYC. … Read More

Dr. Laurence Cooper

October 17, 2013

Philanthropy Key to Fighting Cancer

Dr. Laurence Cooper, ACGT Research Fellow, emphasizes the need for philanthropy and private funding in the fight against cancer. . When/Where: Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy’s (ACGT) “Achieving Cancer Remission With Cell And Gene Therapies” held October 2013 at the … Read More

The mission of ACGT is to seek out and support revolutionary scientific research into the causes, treatment and prevention of all types of cancer using cells and genes as medicine.

Cell and gene therapies are destroying tumors every day in the laboratory and in human trials, targeting only the cancer with few side effects to healthy tissue.  ACGT’s rigorous grant review process, under the guidance of a preeminent Scientific Advisory Council,  have resulted in some of the most successful breakthroughs in the history of cancer treatments and led to many patients in complete remission.

100% of our funding supports innovation and translational science that is proving again and again to offer better treatment options than the traditional therapies of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Every donation brings us closer to saving lives and changing the way we treat cancer forever.